Front Row at Diesel

The front row had a high concentration of some Internet-famous faces: Rumi Neely, Bryanboy cuddled up to Yvan Rodic and Hanneli Mustaparta.

Petra Nemcova

Petra Nemcova

Photo By Giovanni Giannoni

LIVE BLOGGERS: “Welcome to the blog-hetto,” Yvan Rodic, also known as “The Facehunter,” said with a grin, as he gestured at his front row seat at the Diesel Black Gold show on Tuesday afternoon at Pier 94. The section did have a high concentration of some Internet-famous faces: Rumi Neely of Fashion Toast and Bryanboy cuddled up to Rodic and Hanneli Mustaparta.


“I heard you fainted,” Mustaparta asked Rodic. “Are you pretending to be a runway model again? On your heels all day?”


It would seem the blogger life is not to be taken lightly. Rodic explained that a combination of jet lag and low blood sugar made him momentarily waver on his feet outside one of Monday’s shows. News of the incident had apparently spread like wildfire throughout the Twitter-sphere.


“I’m glad they’re putting the bloggers together in the front row, here,” Rodic said enthusiastically. “It’s an important new look at the way people see fashion, the way they incorporate it into their lives. It’s more ‘real’ than just having a group of TV douches.”


Further down the front row, Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld embraced Marco Perego and chatted about upcoming parties before they were besieged by flashbulbs and a late arriving slew of A-listers. Vanessa Hudgens threw a hip out and grabbed Chace Crawford for some photos. Paz de la Huerta eagerly awaited her turn in front of the media corps. Wyclef Jean slipped in right before the show and snapped his own photographs of the looks on his cell phone.


“I loved the collection,” the singer and sometime-humanitarian said with a smile. “Did you see me taking photos? That’s the stuff I want.”


Quite a shopping list, then.