Rock Legends at Cavalli

At the Roberto Cavalli show, where Courtney Love lifted up the sleeve of her dress to show a tattoo on her arm that read “Let It Bleed.”

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan

Photo By Stephane Feugere

ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK: It was a rock ‘n roll love-in at the Roberto Cavalli show on Sunday, where Courtney Love lifted up the sleeve of her dress to show an approving Ron Wood a tattoo on her arm that read “Let It Bleed,” after the 1969 Rolling Stones album. Wood triggered a paparazzi frenzy when he arrived with his new girlfriend, Brazilian polo instructor Ana Araujo. “This is Ana, my babe. We’re doing very well,” said the rocker, who hit the headlines last year when he was arrested for suspicion of assault on his former girlfriend Ekaterina Ivanova. Wood said he has been dating Araujo, 26, for two months, after meeting her at the Covent Garden Opera House in London. “She is very helpful to me and very supportive when I try to remain on the straight and narrow and focused,” he said, alluding to a recent stint in rehab.

Araujo had a more esoteric take on their encounter. “We fell in love with each other’s auras,” she gushed. Wood said he had a host of projects this year, including the release of a solo album and several exhibitions of his art. “I hope 2010 is going to be a good year for me,” he added.

Other guests included Lindsay Lohan, who pulled off her oversized black sunglasses to pose for photographers, Meredith Ostrom and Elisabetta Canalis, the girlfriend of George Clooney, who appears in Cavalli’s spring underwear campaign.