Front Row at Dennis Basso

Alfre Woodard, Alex Kramer, Carol Alt, Jamee Gregory, Nina Griscom and Maggie Rizer sat front row at Dennis Basso.

Alfre Woodard

Alfre Woodard

Photo By Steve Eichner

Dennis Basso had plenty of fur-wearing fans at his Bryant Park show Tuesday afternoon. But unlike his other front-row ladies, such as Carol Alt and Maggie Rizer, Alfre Woodard was pelt-free. “I don’t wear fur,” said the actress, saying of her reasons, “It’s very complex.”

Woodard, who is working on the television project “Delta Blues” in Louisiana, met Basso through two friends who were sitting by her side. “They make fun of me. They wrap up in their furs and ask me if I’m cold because I’m allergic to wool and cashmere,” she said. Her tactic for staying warm? “I’m cold most of the time.”