Dennis Basso Front Row

Kim Raver and Star Jones were among the Dennis Basso crowd on Tuesday.

Kim Raver

Kim Raver

Photo By Steve Eichner

Kim Raver and Star Jones both expressed recession-friendly thoughts on their fashion week-going.

Raver (whose “Lipstick Jungle” stylist Amanda Ross worked on Basso’s collection) was taking a more cerebral approach to her runway perch. “During these times, it’s nice to see how people are combining things in new and different ways,” she said. Jones echoed her sentiment. “In this economic downturn, I’m really focusing less on fashion week. It’s really about finding the trends and figuring out how to make them your own. I went shopping in my own closet this morning,” she offered, although she admitted re-creating a luxe fur look on a budget is a larger challenge. “You can’t fake Dennis Basso,” she laughed.