Effortless Americana at Rast

Backstage beauty images from the William Rast RTW fall 2009 show.

William Rast RTW Fall 2009 backstage

William Rast RTW Fall 2009 backstage

Photo By Kristen Somody Whalen

Hair and makeup for William Rast’s fall 2009 collection provided an effortless feeling of Americana. “It’s undone, tousled and sexy,” said Jeanie Syfu, who styled hair for TRESemmé. “In the casting this is how many of the models looked and we wanted to leave them as they were.” Syfu used her fingers to style waves with 24 Hour Body Spray Gel as well as Frizz Shield to set the look. “We are working with their natural texture,” said Syfu. Men’s hairstyles, which were given height and styled to look “piecy”, gave off a “teddy-boy rock look,” she said. “This is someone who doesn’t think too hard about their look,” said Syfu about the person behind the hair. “They have that casual spirit and don’t over think things.” Makeup, which was done by Charlotte Willer for Maybelline, was “inspired by the biker culture,” she said. Willer used Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse foundation for a very natural finish and new Maybelline Lash Stiletto mascara for “shiny lashes.” Willer said she defined brows with a pencil and used Volume Seduction plumping lip gloss on lips. “This is a young, everyday look,” said Willer. “The look is super natural; in fact, supernatural.”