Tough Attitude Counts at Twenty8Twelve

The mid-Eighties and Neneh Cherry were influences for the look at Twenty8Twelve.

Twenty 8 Twelve RTW Fall Backstage 2009

Twenty 8 Twelve RTW Fall Backstage 2009

Photo By Giovanni Giannoni

“I wanted them to feel tough with a lot of attitude,” said Luke Hersheson, who was working with L’Oréal Professionnel backstage at Twenty8Twelve. Citing the mid-Eighties and Neneh Cherry as influences for the look, Hersheson braided hair on the side of the head to create the impression of an under-cut and secured a backcombed section on top into a quiff. He used Tecni.art Full Volume Extra mousse, Constructor and Texture Expert Fixing Mist 4.

James Kaliardos, meanwhile, was taking a less-is-more approach to color cosmetics. “This is an exercise in restraint,” said the makeup artist, who was working with L’Oréal Paris. “These are cool girls.”

Kaliardos smudged Contour Khôl pencil on the rims of upper and lower lids and curled eyelashes. A hint of color was worked into eyebrows and around eyes using a tawny shade from Made For Me Naturals Brow & Duo Eye Shadow. Cheeks were sculpted subtly using Glam Bronze powder, while a clear balm from an Infallible Lip compact was swiped across lips.