Ralph's English Roses

Classic beauty prevailed Friday morning at Ralph Lauren.

Classic beauty prevailed Friday morning at Ralph Lauren.

"She's meant to resemble an English rose," said Tom Pecheux, the show's head makeup artist. "The key item is perfect skin — not too matte, not too shiny." Pecheux began with a light layer of liquid foundation all over the face, then applied highlighter to the eyelid, inner corner of the eye and the top of the cheekbones. Pecheux added black mascara to top and bottom lashes before turning back to the cheeks, adding a hint of blush.

"We're really playing more with blush, rather than bronzer," said Pecheux, noting that he was playing with multiple shades for a 3-D effect. He added a touch of bronzer on top of the blush for a healthy look. Brows were kept, as Pecheux said, "drama-free," and lips were finished with pencil, which matched the model's skin tone. "It's very, very fresh and pretty," said Pecheux.

Guido Palau, working for Redken at the show, went for slightly imperfect chignons for the hair. He began by adding thickening spray to hair and blowing it dry. Next, he finger-combed hair back and gathered it into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, securing it with knotted black cord. Palau then twisted the hair up into a loose bun, pinning to hide the elastic. To finish, he pulled several pieces out of each finished chignon for an imperfect, nonprissy look.