Young and Dramatic Looks at Lhuillier

Luc Bouchard created a "soft face" that was "beautiful, young, but with a dramatic, modern eye."

At Monique Lhuillier, Luc Bouchard, who created a "soft face" for MAC Cosmetics that was "beautiful, young, but with a dramatic, modern eye," said his inspiration for the look was "contrasts. I think [they] are very modern and interesting."

To do this, he drew with eyeliner an almost rectangular shape on the eye. "It stays straight at the end and does not follow the line of the eye shape. It's a harder look," he remarked. "But it's also a simple, feminine look because the dresses are so beautiful, intricate."

Bouchard used MAC eye pencil in Smoulder and eye shadow in Carbon, then mixed both with MAC Mixing Medium to seal the look and make it a little shinier.

For fall, Luc is looking at "Black and dark burgundies" as a trend ‹ ³eyes, liners, intensity and a smoky eye with interesting lines.²

Hairstylist Sabrina Michaels, who created looks for Bumble and bumble, went for "a ballerina in a smoky ambience — not too messy, not too neat. There's a fine line."

Hair was pulled back in a delicate knotty bun, but kept soft and not pulled back too tight. Wisps and some texture highlighted the look.

Michaels used Bumble thickening spray and blew hair dry in the direction of the bun. "I dragged it back with my hands and a little grooming cream as tight as I could and made a nice, clean ballerina bun."

To finish off the look, Michaels used a small toothbrush and some hair spray.

"It's strong and bold, polished but edgy," she said. "Not so neat and slicked down."