Lacoste: Lashes Strong and Locks Wavy

It was all about the eyelashes at the Lacoste show.

Lacoste RTW Fall 2009 Backstage

Lacoste RTW Fall 2009 Backstage

Photo By Kyle Ericksen

It was all about the eyelashes at the Lacoste show Saturday morning, where makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift used her namesake color cosmetics collection to create a "full" but not-too-glamorous look to the eyes.

After applying copious amounts of mascara, she then used a black kohl pencil to create a "circular eye."

"It's on the raw side," she said. "There's coverage, but it's not over the top."

Faces were "beautiful and glowing," she added, and on the inside the lips, she applied a stain to give depth to the mouth. "It has a Sixties feel. The clothes are a little ŒAnnie Hall,'" Swift continued, "so we wanted to do that but with a little more impact on the eye. This one we're really going for!"

As for her own color cosmetics collection, which was launched during the holidays and has an organic positioning, it can be found at Rmsbeauty.com as well as Vert, the boutique based in Los Angeles.

On the hair side, stylist Dennis Lanni, who was working on behalf of Bumble and bumble, did a layered, wavy and "fluid" down 'do that was inspired by his sister. "She used to sleep with braids in her hair and would take them out [in the morning to get a wave]."

To set the hair, Lanni looped locks back and ironed them into sections, creating little "figure-eight" shapes all over the head. Then, after about 15 minutes he let the hair down — "to see what happened" — all along spritzing tresses with Bumble and bumble's Holding Spray.

"It's got a broken-out feel," he said, "but not grunge or sloppy. The hair is all different lengths on the models, so we didn't want them to look like one another, but like separate, individual characters."