'Feminine' Beauty at Elie Saab

Orlando Pita and Tom Pecheux crafted the couture show’s beauty look.

PARIS — “Mr. Saab wanted a powerful eye, very feminine, very sophisticated, but very soft at the same time,” said makeup artist Tom Pecheux before the ElieSaab couture show. “So we decided to play with light.”
To do that, Pecheux used metallic eye shadow, with a bronze-gold glitter. Also on the top lids he applied brown false eyelashes and brown mascara. Lips got a bloom of coral.
Hairstylist Orlando Pita crafted a side part that lookedfinger-combed.
“It’s very easy; not too strict,” he said. Hair was then gathered into a low ponytail, which was twisted like a rope and tied into a low chignon. “It’s supposed to look easy, not too tight.”
Pita added Saab wanted models’ necks to be seen and eschewed a style that was too slick.