Patrizio Bertelli's Counterfeit Controversy

While mapping out the investments his company has earmarked for the next three years, the Prada ceo concluded with a controversial quote.

REALLY?: While mapping out the significant investments his company has earmarked for the next three years in emerging countries, including the opening of 260 stores in markets such as Brazil, Russia and China, Prada chief executive officer Patrizio Bertelli concluded a Bloomberg Television interview on Thursday with a controversial quote. “Fake goods aren’t totally bad, at least it created jobs at some counterfeit factories,” Bertelli said. “We don’t want to be a brand that nobody wants to copy.”

Responding to a request for comment about Bertelli’s controversial statement, a company spokesman said, “The quote is part of an extended conversation that underscored how the market of counterfeits is an objective reality for successful brands and how this phenomenon has its own reality, also in terms of manufacturing, that is very structured.”