The Sun Scours for Scandal in London

Over the weekend, the newspaper published paparazzo photos of model Cara Delevingne.

IN THE BAG: Spring has arrived in London, and what better way for a paparazzo to spend those long hours in the sunshine than doorstepping celebrities’ homes, scouring for scandal? Over the weekend, The Sun published photos of model Cara Delevingne dramatically dropping a bag of “mystery white powder” on her doorstep in central London in broad daylight, with the headline, “Something to powder your nose with, Cara?” On Monday, The Sun ran another image of Delevingne, laughing and talking on the phone as she prepares to travel to the U.S., with the headline, “Cara’s Snort of Laughter.”

The latter, however, was buried at the bottom of page 6, indicating that no one is really that convinced of what was actually in the mysterious bag. No arrests have been made.

A spokesperson for Delevingne’s agency, Storm, could not be reached for comment Monday, a national holiday in Britain.