Gretta's Greats

Gretta Monahan talks beauty, 1920's glamour and rooting for her favorite Beantown team.

Gretta Monahan

Gretta Monahan

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Gretta Monahan
Gretta Monahan is one busy lady. Between co-hosting “Tim Gunn’s Guide to Style,” and regular appearances as the resident style expert on “The Rachael Ray Show,” Monahan, 38, runs two Boston-based clothing and accessories boutiques, three Grettacole salons, two spas and a New York styling studio with a celebrity clientele.

The Harvard Business School grad, who launched the Gretta footwear line with Brown Shoe Co. in May, found her niche more than a decade ago catering to all types of women. These days, her customers include A-list celebrities, who invest in her invite-only $1,000 haircuts, and faithful QVC shoppers looking for chic shoes for less than $80.

When she isn’t jetting between New York, Miami and her native Boston, Monahan manages to carve out a little relaxation time with a facial or a giant stack of her favorite magazines.

Flats or heels?
“Heels, no contest. I just feel like I need to be up a couple of inches.”

If I could have dinner with anyone, I’d choose ...
“Mother Teresa or Coco Chanel. It’s a tie.”

My favorite fashion era:
“The Roaring ’20s. I really love the humor in the way women dressed then. I love the hats and the shape and the pearls.”

Yankees or Red Sox?
“I’m 100 percent a Red Sox girl. It’s a birth right, even if you’re not a crazy, avid sports fan.”

On my iPod, you’ll fi nd ...
“The Fray, Alicia Keys, Billy Joel, Tim McGraw, Billie Holiday. I have a really eclectic mix. If you shuffle it, you might at one point think I’m in my 60s or 70s.”

My New Year’s resolutions:
“Reusing and recycling. I have a lot to learn about being green. ... I [also] need to cut back on the chocolate and sugar just a little — I’m a chocoholic — and I want to take more vitamins and work out more.”

My all-time favorite movie:
“‘Doctor Zhivago.’ The elegance of that movie is something that always stuck with me.”

You’ll never catch me wearing …
“A tapered-leg pant. Never, ever, ever.”

The beauty product I can’t live without:
“June Jacobs’ Pumpkin Enzyme Masque.”

The funniest person I know is ...
“Tim Gunn. He’s got the sharpest, fastest, most intelligent humor of anyone I’ve ever met. He’s just naturally witty.”

Massage or facial?
“Facial. You get a little bit of massage but still get the beauty aspect.”

I unwind by ...
“Getting all the great magazines in one big stack and just going through everything.”

If my house were on fire, I’d try to save ...
“My Louboutins.”