FN List: Top U.S. Travel Destinations

Vegas ranks first even amid negative impact from recession.

Even in a down economy, some people are still willing to pay for an escape from the daily grind. But many vacationers have decided to stay a little closer to home this year, favoring a jaunt within the U.S. over trips abroad. And according to a survey of almost 550 travel agents nationwide, big cities, relaxing atmospheres and star power reign supreme in 2009.

  • 01

    Las Vegas

    Percent of Votes 61.4%

  • 02

    Orlando, Fla.

    Percent of Votes 60.8%

  • 03

    Kahului, Hawaii

    Percent of Votes 39.9%

  • 04


    Percent of Votes 36.3%

  • 05

    New York

    Percent of Votes 31.3%

  • 06

    Phoenix/Scottsdale, Ariz.

    Percent of Votes 19%

  • 07

    Anchorage, Alaska

    Percent of Votes 15.7%

  • 08

    Washington, D.C.

    Percent of Votes 15%

  • 09

    San Francisco

    Percent of Votes 14.8%

  • 10


    Percent of Votes 13.6%