Wrangler Taps Formula One's Kimi Raikkonen

The racing champ has been named brand ambassador of the brand's “Denim Performance” label, which debuts this fall.

FAST JEANS: Formula One champ Kimi Raikkonen has been named brand ambassador of Wrangler’s “Denim Performance” label. The line, debuting this fall, includes extremely functional and comfortable jeans, shirts and parkas.

Wrangler has shot a campaign featuring Raikkonen wearing some looks from the collection, along with some pieces from the “Wrangler powered by Alpinestars” capsule line. They included a pair of limited edition black denim pants featuring Kevlar inserts and a motorbike jacket showing a Bio Armor protection both produced by Wangler in collaboration with Italian automotive and motorcycle racing and riding apparel company Alpinestars.

“Wrangler and Alpinestars are both legendary brands for racers,” Raikkonen said. “Wrangler’s expertise in the denim business combined with Alpinestars’ skills in the development of apparel for professional racing creates something fascinating.”