Sir Paul Smith Designs Olympic-Themed Stamps

The stamps went on sale Jan. 1 and are sold online at the Isle of Man Post Office's Web site, iomstamps.com.

SMITH’S STAMPS: Sir Paul Smith has created a set of colorful stamps for the Isle of Man — the British dependency that lies near the coast of Scotland — to mark this year’s Olympic Games in London. The seven sporty designs include a tennis ball bouncing against a grass court; a pink bicycle poised on a track, and three racing boats bobbing against a blue sky. The Isle of Man Post Office said Smith’s cycling design was inspired by the Olympic cyclist and Isle of Man resident Mark Cavendish, who is a friend of Smith’s.

“It’s a real honor to be asked to design these stamps,” said Smith, who is a keen cyclist himself. “I’ve tried to make them positive and colorful with a strong graphic style of design.”

The stamps went on sale Jan. 1, and prices start at 1 pound, or $1.55, per stamp. The stamps are sold online at the Isle of Man Post Office’s Web site, iomstamps.com.