Rodnik Presents an Arty Collection

Pop art dominated the fall presentation which was held at a London art gallery.

MOD SQUAD: “The collection is really a satire of a line between art and clothing,” said Philip Colbert of his latest designs for the label, The Rodnik Band. It features short party dresses covered in sequins or prints inspired by modern artists such as Marchel Duchamp and Piet Mondrian.


A red, cartoonish-looking Salvador Dalí-inspired lobster gown commanded most of the attention during a presentation at the Gazelli Art House on Friday night. Pop art was scattered on the walls and a projector screened a music video of The Rodnik Band performing, with Colbert on lead vocals and models pretending to play instruments in the background. Later that night, Colbert leapt into the room with a live rap performance. “My routine is quite painful to watch,” the designer confessed.