Front Row at Ralph Lauren

Dylan Lauren was sporting a candy-striped cast on her left arm at her father’s fashion show Thursday morning.

LATEST ACCESSORY: Dylan Lauren was sporting a cast on her left arm at her father Ralph Lauren’s fashion show Thursday morning. “I slipped on gum balls,” said the Dylan’s Candy Bar maven. Seriously, she said, she was heading outside to walk her dog, Jersey, and slipped on the marble floor in the lobby of her building. It happened two weeks ago, and she has to wear the cast for four more weeks. Her candy-striped cast was wrapped in white bandaging. “I change it all the time,” said Lauren, who said she really should have matched the bandaging to something more fashionable to keep with the show’s theme.

Meantime, Lauren’s candy emporium got a nice shout-out at the show. Dylan’s Candy Bar milk and hazelnut chocolates were on every seat with a “Happy Valentine’s Day” note from Ralph Lauren. Dylan said her dad asked her for a Valentine’s gift for showgoers, and she was happy to oblige. For a day like this, it’s always good to have a connection in the candy business.