Donna Karan to Pen Book About Stephan Weiss

More than a decade after he passed away, the designer is giving her husband a suitable tribute.

DONNA’S TRIBUTE: The marriage of Donna Karan and the late Stephan Weiss is the stuff of fashion legends, and continues to inspire the designer every day.

More than a decade after he passed away, Karan is giving him and their union a suitable tribute: a book celebrating Weiss, who was not just her confidante and business partner but also an artist in his own right. “Stephan Weiss: Connecting the Dots, Portrait of a Man,” which will be published by Assouline this fall, will focus on, for instance, Weiss’ art, including his sculptural work, his art of negotiation, and the love he had for motorcycles and his family. It will also showcase Weiss’ lasting legacy, which directly informs Karan’s Urban Zen Foundation. As she put it, “Behind every great woman is a greater man, and Stephan was mine.”