Charlotte Olympia Creating Halloween Capsule

The limited-edition collection will be available from Oct. 1 exclusively at Charlotte Olympia stores, as well as at charlotteolympia.com and net-a-porter.com.

CHARLOTTE’S TREATS: Charlotte Olympia is celebrating Halloween with a limited-edition capsule collection of vampire and pumpkin-inspired shoes and bags. Available from Oct. 1 exclusively at Charlotte Olympia stores in London, New York and Beverly Hills, as well as at charlotteolympia.com and net-a-porter.com, the collection includes a clutch box with gold bat silhouettes and red suede pumps. Other looks include glow-in-the-dark embroidered bones on black silk satin sandals, laser-cut spider webs on black suede pumps and the brand’s signature kitty flat, which depicts a more sinister-looking cat with fangs. Pumpkins and vibrant red lips, also with fangs, make an appearance. Bags range from $545 to $1,565 and shoes run from $745 for flats to $1,475 for heels.

“I like to have a sense of humor in my work and that manifests itself in the Bite Me Kitty flats and Boo pumpkin-face clutch bag,” Olympia said. “I have two small boys who are currently taken with bats and vampires and inspired [me] all the more to create this collection.”

So taken with the Halloween spirit, the entire Olympia clan will spend the holiday as a “vampire family,” donning fangs, capes, fake blood and white makeup, the designer said.

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