Artist Ahae Gives Bird's-eye View

Ahae is dressing up Grand Central Terminal with 50 photos of the one million he took from a window in his studio from 2008-10.


BIRD’S-EYE VIEW: Artist Ahae is dressing up Grand Central Terminal with 50 landscapes of the one million photos he took from one window of his South Korea studio from 2008-10. “Through My Window: Vibrancy and Serenity” debuts today in Vanderbilt Hall and will be on view through Oct. 22. A bit of a recluse — how else could he take 2,000 photos a day? — Ahae sent his son Keith Yoo as his understudy for today’s unveiling. The Japanese-born Ahae aims to sound an alarm about environmental concerns. He is also an organic farmer, who holds 1,000 patents related to the environment and health, such as a paper-type soap and a hydraulically operated safety boat called Hi-Boat. His artistic work is now part of the Moscow Biennale and it was recently exhibited at the Prince of Wales’ official residence, Clarence House.