Scout's Other Girls

Scout Willis made headlines this week after walking around nearly nude in protest of Instagram's "no nipple" policy, but she’s hardly the first to go topless.

Scout Willis

Scout Willis' Twitter page.

Photo By Courtesy Photo

On Tuesday, Scout Willis, the middle offspring of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, made headlines after spending the day roaming the streets of New York City sans shirt or bra in protest of Instagram’s strict “no nipple” policy. While the topless stunt made for a scintillating set of paparazzi photos, the 22-year-old is by no means the first to expose her breasts in public. Here, WWD takes a look at some of history’s most famous topless moments, from the original nude, Eve, to pop culture’s bad-girl du jour, Rihanna, and everyone in between — including Moore’s nude Vanity Fair cover when pregnant with Scout herself. A note to the wise, however: National “Go Topless” Day is not until Aug. 24.

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