Film Chore: A Short Movie About Underwear

Director Justin Anderson's short film "Project Chore" follows model Lauren McAvoy around the house—with the camera focused solely on her underwear.

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Special Issue
WWD Intimates issue 01/25/2010

Director Justin Anderson’s short film “Project Chore” provides a whole new view of housework. The quirkily choreographed three-minute movie, which premiered at The Riflemaker Gallery in London’s Soho on Jan. 19, follows model Lauren McAvoy as she dances around the house with mops on her feet, and does leg stretches on her ironing board-turned-ballet bar — with the lens trained entirely on her Damaris panties.


“I read an article in The New Yorker that said, ‘Underwear does all the work behind the scenes,’ and was struck by how great and also how simple that was,” says Anderson. “I wanted to make a film about work behind the scenes. Something commonplace but also private. Anderson also has made films for SHOWstudio, Levi’s and Italian Vogue.


“Underwear is secret as well as universal,” he adds. “It can be beautiful but also immensely practical. With these things in mind, [the film attempts to be beautiful] using the subject matter of the most menial and practical subject of the household chore.”