WWD List: Beyond the Bubbly

Top wines and spirits purchased by affluent consumers in 2008.


Unity Marketing has ranked spending on wines and spirits among consumers with household incomes $100,000 and higher. Findings show the biggest spending increases are for rum and vodka. “These are spirits that go into popular mixed drinks,” said Pam Danziger, president of the Stevens, Pa.-based research firm. “There is a lot of innovation in terms in flavoring that causes a lot of activity in these categories.” However, cognac and sherry/port are losing momentum. “Much of this is driven by what is trendy in bars,” Danziger said. “But even in restaurants, people know that a $50 wine can really be bought elsewhere for $20 or less. Restaurants that let you bring your own and don’t charge a corkage fee, they’re smart. They are recognizing the times.”