The List: Top Activities Consumers Plan to Decrease

The top activities that consumers plan to decrease due to the recession.

With the economy in upheaval, people are reexamining their priorities. A recent study by the National Association of Television Program Executives and E-Poll Market Research sought to find out the activities consumers were increasing and decreasing. “They seem to be hibernating a bit, but people are still very social,” noted Gerry Philpott, president and chief executive officer of E-Poll. “But even if people do go to the movies, they’ll eat dinner at home first, for example.” He also pointed out, “During the Great Depression and World War II, there were financial hardships, and entertainment still boomed. It’s the last industry to go.” E-Poll found that those who say they are most “in control” of their lives are 55 or older. Thirty-five to 54-year-olds appear to be squeezed the hardest.


Below: The Top Activities Consumers Have Decreased


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