WWD List: Urban Affairs

The top 10 global cities ranked by quality of life.

City life can generate energy and opportunity, but it doesn’t always translate into easy living. Mercer, a global human resources consulting firm based in New York, has ranked cities worldwide for quality of life. It analyzed living conditions in 215 cities according to 39 factors grouped in 10 categories. Some of the categories were: political, social, economic and natural environments; public services and transportation, schools and education, health and sanitation and recreation. European cities dominated, and the U.S. didn’t crack the list. Europe scored well because of a “tradition of political stability,” as well as “high levels of infrastructure, public services, recreation facilities and strong economic environments,” said Slagin Parakatil, a senior researcher at Mercer. U.S. cities rank highly in areas such as consumer goods, hospital services, utilities, recreation and education, but lag in crime prevention and safety, traffic congestion and air pollution. The highest-ranked U.S. cities were Honolulu and San Francisco at 29th and 30th, respectively.

Here, the top 10 global cities ranked by quality of life.